This 3-7 minute film is the main film that we edit 
for most weddings. This length is perfect because it
is long enough to include the entire story of the day 
but short enough to captivate anyone.  Couples love 
sharing this video on social media with their family 
and friends. 

I cannot say enough great things about Ethereel Jon was our wedding Videographer back in August 2014. He was one of the best vendors that we had at our wedding. -  Lauren

"The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind" - Jonathan Cowan.  Ethereel Productions is a wedding cinematography studio based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our work is inspired by simplicity, story-telling and authenticity.  We provide you the absolute simplest path to receiving a wonderful wedding film.  We love to travel, and no locale is out of reach.  Inquire today to check our availability on your date and to learn more about our work and our prices!

Vivid imagery for engaged couples 

Once you decide what film you would like... You are pretty

much half way there!


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This film is a longer cut of your wedding in chronological 
order and includes all of the multi-camera sequences in their entirety. Meant to be more of a full account of your wedding. 

This film can be anywhere from 45-90 minutes. Documentary 

films are chaptered and usually include: the first look, 

ceremony, toast and first dances. 

Here at Ethereel, we create two different types of films